Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I add a thermostat to my fireplace?

    Yes, it is not only safe, but also convenient. This is something we can easily do for you!

  • What is the black film on the inside of the window in my fireplace?

    This could be due to improper log placement, but more than likely it means that the air shutter needs to be adjusted.

  • Why is the fan in my fireplace so noisy?

    A noisy fan is most commonly caused by a worn-out fan bearing, which will require a new fan be installed, as the bearing is not something that can be replaced.

  • What is the difference between built-in fireplaces, insert fireplaces, and freestanding wood stoves?

    A built-in fireplace goes into an existing 2×4 wood constructed wall. An insert fireplace is installed in an existing brickwork masonry opening, or fireplace, and a freestanding wood stove has attached legs, or a pedestal which stands on the floor.

  • My pilot light won’t stay lit.

    Is the gas on? You may need a new thermocouple.

  • My fireplace doesn’t come on.

    It could be lots of things, but make sure the wall switch is on, or replace the batteries.

  • The pilot lights, but the main burner doesn’t come on.

    Make sure the thermopile is generating enough millivolts, or call Mercer Gas (250-619-7853)