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Rinnai Wall Furnaces

Rinnai wall furnaces are an excellent heating option that provides efficient and reliable warmth to homes and suites. These furnaces use natural gas or propane as a fuel source, making them an affordable and environmentally friendly choice for many households. One of the standout features of Rinnai wall furnaces is their cool-to-touch cabinet design, which makes them safe to use around children and pets. This safety feature can provide peace of mind to parents and caregivers who are concerned about the safety of little hands around hot surfaces.

Furthermore, Rinnai wall furnaces come in various sizes, including small, medium, and large, so homeowners can select the best size that fits their heating needs. In addition to their safety and size options, Rinnai wall furnaces are also known for their high energy efficiency, which can help reduce heating costs, and their ability to heat a room quickly and evenly. Overall, Rinnai wall furnaces are a practical and convenient heating solution that offers a range of benefits to homeowners looking for a safe, efficient, and reliable way to stay warm during the colder months.

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European Efficiency

Rinnai Wall heaters have been used in European households for decades but are relatively new in North America. The small size, ease of installation and quietness make it a popular choice.

Ideal Installation Areas – Where Rinnai Works Best

Rinnai works wonderfully for heating large spaces like rental suites in basements, works very well in open-concept homes, and is great for replacing electric baseboard heaters. They’re very powerful despite low gas consumption.