Gas Inserts

Archgard Fireplace Inserts

We normally start off with a site visit and measure your brick-masonry opening to determine which fireplace will fit the best.

We will also determine whether your existing fireplace is a gas insert with a brick chimney on the exterior of your home a free-standing, or a built-in stove.

If you have a more modern home or personal style the Chantico 31 – Contemporary Fireplace insert is a popular choice.

  • Chantico 27
  • Chantico 31 - Contemporary
  • Chantico 31 - Traditional
  • Chantico 36
  • Harmonia 22

Chantico 31


Chantico 31 – Traditional is a crowd favourite for those who love the look and feel of a real wood stove.

There are other sizes of gas fireplace inserts to fit various openings so we recommend contacting us for an expert assessment and free site visit to determine the best option for you.